Some Shit i Got 2 Get off My Chest

I don’t know where i would be without music. 4 real it is the only thing keeping me going right now. I can see how some1 could be at the end of the rope with the way the world is, people are. Had a great crew, still do shit, if u still down u down 4 sure. U would think.

Getting old is the curse been thru so much, seen so many people get greedy, grimy, selfish HOEs. If you ever really been in love and real to it you dont want to be with anyone else or do anything to loose that trust. No one could come between that, no one could make me turn on my family. With age comes wisdom no amount of money could make me switch up, sell out, or stab one of yall in the back.

I am loyal to the High Street Radio movement, loyal to family and myself don’t understand where you fake ass perpetrators coming from, how you can disrespect your self and loved ones. No one could make me do that to anyone and if i messed up in past that’s on me for slipping have no one to blame but myself 100%. Freedom is number one priority, no amount of money is worth loosing that again. Hip Hop is the foundation, positive attitude, and actions is the focus. Keep the vampires and ignorance out of harms way cuz I’m gunning at you if you bring it in the circle.

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