N.W.O. Now We On U.N. Underground Network

I cant wait for 2018 to hear this High Street Radio mixtape, it’s going to be crazy! All the best featured artist of 2017 working together on tracks from a handful of dope producers. I don’t want to drop names, for one because there is so many, but the surprise will be good for everyone. look at our featured artist pages and imagine them all together on a track, along with featured artist that do not have pages on our site.

We have Beats we have Rhymes we are the true voice of the street. tune in to our live show and you will get a preview of whats to come in 2018. Hip Hop will never die our roots are strong, they can try to discredit us with fake ass dudes in dresses they must have got from the strippers, it is degrading how they demoralize & demonized the wise. Real recognize real and we see thru the lies.

High Street Radio presents N.W.O. now we on U.N. underground network

The Best Mixtape of 2018

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