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To all Media Representatives, Sak Passe!

I would like to thank each and everyone for your overwhelming support. As a result, my career is moving at a much faster pace than even I expected. Again, Thanks to you all and I look forward to your continued support! Stay tuned for upcoming Collaboration releases with the likes of Bigga Haitian, Rick Ross to name a few.

Mesi anpil,

(Thank you so much)

          International World Reggae and Kompa Artist Jean “ZEAL” Dubreus, was born in Port De Paix, Haiti, located on the northwest side of the island. In 2000, his mother decided to relocate him to the United States to start a new life. While in the U.S, he started creating music with real meaning behind it, what he calls “The real music”. The hardest challenge of his life was living in Miami, Florida. He had two choices: follow his friends and end up in jail, or chase his dream and give his life to music. Everyone around him knew he had talent which led him to always being chosen to sing lead vocal in the church choir. “ZEAL” says, “composing lyrics was one of my many hidden talents.”

      In 2008, Steve Elcock, CEO of Trackset Recording Studio, introduced “ZEAL” to Jackpot Music group. Through this connection, “ZEAL” had the honor of writing a four-bar chorus and an eight-bar verse for a song titled “Backyard” which was recorded by Movado, one of Jamaica’s biggest Dancehall and Reggae Artist.

      After fourteen years of being away from home, “ZEAL” realized that it was time to go back to his roots. In 2014, through his mother’s foundation, went on a mission trip back to Haiti. It was on this trip he realized God’s purpose for him was to spread his gift of music, not only in Haiti, but around the globe. He then rekindles with his father and made a promise to him to get his plan’s together before coming back home again.

      After returning to the U.S, Dega “Tuokam”, Zeal’s close friend, introduced him to Melky Jean, a Grammy Winning Artist who is Wyclef Jean’s sister. Melky’s husband, Carl “Supreme” Hart, decided to manage “ZEAL” under Gcarma Inc & June Bloom Management. They released his first mixtape, “Blues to Rhythm”, Produced by Comedian Jack Thriller. After that project, “ZEAL” did a collaboration with DJ Miss Tara. Her debut album, “Let’s Live”, was released on iTunes, January 16, 2017. “Music is Music” featuring Jean “ZEAL” Dubreus, was the first single for DJ Miss Tara’s album. On February 4, 2017, DJ Miss Tara’s album made it to #24 on the Billboard chart for best Electronic Album. On May 28th, 2017 “ZEAL” had the crowd mesmerized when he performed on the “The Best of The Best” Music Festival’s 11th Anniversary, one of the biggest stage shows in South Florida.

      After working on many singles and collaborations, “ZEAL” decided to work on his first Official International World Reggae Album. His music not only consist of Reggae and Zouk but his culture “Kompa” Creole Riddims as well. He is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on his Album “BLUES” which is set to be released soon. His single “Missing You Baby” was released on June 20th, 2017 and the Music Video for “Missing You baby” will be released soon. The single “Blues” was released July 20th, 2017 with a few more singles to be released this year. These current singles are Produced by My Werks Music Production and available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and CD baby..

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