Zachery…..born Zackery Newman in Coleyville, Manchester, and educated at the Christiana Moravian Primary and then Manchester High and Knox College. His love for music began at an early age but never took it seriously until he saw the first season of a then popular television series “Rising Star” in Jamaica.

The year that Christopher Martin won was the most influential on young Zachery and he wrote his first song at age 14.

As his passion for singing grew…so did his creative songwriting skills and he draws inspiration from surroundings and personal experiences.” I write from thing I see , live and experience” says Zack and his first single “Bun A Fire” was penned from an actual conversation overheard in a Taxi.

Zachery  moved to the capital Kingston and spent 3 years at The University of Technology.

He is now working with Chalice band leader and producer Wayne Armond.

“We hope to make some awe-inspiring music that will touch, educate and entertain everyone for years to come”…nuff said.

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