My name is Paul “ ” Williams. I’m an independent Hip Hop
artist from Cleveland Ohio. I have been rapping for 13 years and I’ve
made 21 albums to date. I also produce my own beats, record my own
music, and edit it as well. I’ve most recently performed at the Agora a
few times this past summer. I’m a mixture of Jay Z and Nas, and Eminem,
but if there was one artist to describe me as, it would be Rakim.
My style is like Reality Rap because I rap about whats going on in the
world, and the issues we face as human beings, but I can also rap
hardcore and destroy a beat whenever I want to.
Website: http://frontlinesoldiersmusic.com/
Music video link: https://youtu.be/7SFSYvPy-js

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