The Movement

My name is Adan Villaronga

But today I go by (the Movement)
And what that represents to me is an awakening to all the pain and suffering that has brought this world to its current state. So I made a song which is a plea for people of all color and nationality to unite in the common cause to save our Humanity. Before I began the Movement I was rapping with my daughter’s and our name was Killa Mafia Inc. the girls are called The P.R.Queens. we had a full show for the people but our biggest hit was
I Love Puerto Rico. The song was smash hit and the show was flawless. We grew a big fan base in Atlanta Georgia but the pit falls of the music business killed the dream for my girls and they slowly backed off the music business. So I decided to go out and show my daughter’s that music is so much powerful than just a song it can be a Movement. So I just put all the things wrong with politics and the world in a song and I Amazed myself at how strong the message was and the Movement was born now this has grown in me into a mission to Unite people through music in an effort to SAVE THE WORLD. Wish me luck.
The Movement

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