Smook Deville & VictoriousVIC

Artist Name: Smook Deville & VictoriousVIC
Location: Denver, CO & Melbourne, Australia
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Genre: Hip-Hop
Song Title: Hit The Line
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Cross continental duo Smook Deville (Colorado, USA) & VictoriousVIC (Melbourne, AUS) return with their latest video ‘Uptown’. Uptown chronicles the story of Smook Deville, as he gives an insight into his move away from lifetime home Chicago to his new home of Denver, Colorado. Up and coming Melbourne director David Nguyen of Flying Art Films captures the essence of the song through the eyes of 2 characters, unable to pursue their creative passions due to the confines of their day jobs. Uptown is the latest single from the duo’s upcoming sophomore project ‘One Day At A Time’.

Introducing Smook Deville & VictoriousVIC – Uptown

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