Skipp Whitman

Since releasing his first project, Skipp has shared stages with Kanye West, KRS ONE, Guru, Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap, Cassidy, and many more in cities from Boston to New York to Montreal to Los Angeles (headlining The Whiskey). He was a top 10 national finalist in Scion’s ‘The Prospect’ competition, and OkayPlayer was quoted when referring to Skipp as saying ‘The Kid Can Rap.’

Skipp started writing lyrics at the age of 12. First, copying lyrics down from Illmatic, and Low End Theory. Soon, developing his own style .. and later recording. Skipp remembers “in high school, when all of my friends went to play sports, and I went home, I had a lot of time alone with a Gemini sampler and a notepad. After doing it every day for so long .. you just naturally begin to get good at it.” Initially just a lyricist, when no outside production caught his hear, he learned how to make beats and produces all of his own work to this day. In 2012, he ditched his sampler, and learned keys and bass to produce ‘5AM.’

Originally from Brookline, MA, Skipp was raised by two artist parents (painter, musician), and interned at his father’s studio on Newbury st. A studio formerly owned by The Cars called ‘Syncro Sound.’ Skipp recounts, “I never thought that doing music for a living was out of reach, because as an intern I saw it every day. It’s what I was around.”


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