Shymane is an International World Powerhouse. Whether it’s creating songs that pay homage to her Caribbean roots, or telling stories through her R&B melodies. Music comes in all forms with songs about love, unity, struggles, and victories in her life that resonates with all people.

      Her Jamaican musical heritage comes from growing up listening to her parents play legends such as Burning Spear, Luciano, Dennis Brown, and her inspiration Bob Marley. At the age of 7, she won her first talent trophy placing second for singing Redemption Song. Dance was introduced at the age of 9 where she took classes in African, Hip Hop and Soca.

       After losing their home, her and her family moved back and forth from Jamaica while she attended school in the states, Shymane began attending Dillard Center for the Arts for Music. While in high school, she attended vocal evaluation with an ensemble of peers where they received superior ratings.  

      Attending school along with running a family business in the states derailed her from her musical journey for years until graduating college in 2017. With an EP debuting this year, thesongstress Shymane is now ready to make a statement through music. Her Official Release “Forever In Love” is making waves!

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