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aka:  Ariene Miller
Baltimore, Maryland

Official Mission Statement:

I want to join Hear My Voice Entertainment… because there is a lot that I need to learn business-wise. I feel that I will be able to learn best from experienced likeminded individuals who both care about music & know about music.  I’ve spent a number of years myself working backwards while releasing a lot of music.  I know that I need help, but I also know that I can fit into a role here, and be valuable to a team such as this too.

ARTiST Biography:

Born in Bangor Maine, in October 1988, Ariene Miller attributes his early search for creativity to his father leaving his mother at an early age. After relocating to Baltimore, poetry was his getaway for a long time, but it proved to not be enough and he quickly fell in love with freestyling with neighborhood friends.  Organically, a group was formed called L.O.B., and through friendly competition, A.M. quickly learned witty wordplay and great punchline abilities. Eminem was a big proponent in earlier work, later A.M. leaned more towards Joe Budden and his emotional style of music. Right now as he is in his most polished state, the influence comes from a Midwest sound, so think Tech N9ne and Bone Thugs and Harmony.
Later, in the midst of his college years he originally donned the name A.M. for ‘AngryMan’ because of his aggressive delivery, and began maneuvering his way both through the online & local club battle circuits, A.M. battled under the banner of Grind Time east coast when it existed. A.M. has also had many battles under one of Baltimore’s more famous league ran by Shaka Pitts called Pit Fights.  During these years he joined a group called B.alive and learned a lot about the music scene of his city. In 2016 Rapper A.M. has performed at a great venue called the Baltimore Beat club, the performance happens once a month with emcees freestyling to producers beats, it’s a very hip-hop feeling event. Through the Baltimore Beat Club which is made possible through a great guy named Brandon Lackey, A.M. was able to have his first performance at Artscape. The event was called Baltimore Beatscape, it was a very big deal.  After graduating college, the current group that he was in called Lyrical Unity was disbanded and became G.D.G.M. [Get Drunk Get Money], who he currently still creates music with.  With age, his styles have changed, and he now tries to make expressive music about his life and how he is feeling presently.  In 2015, Rapper A.M. put out two releases – the first entitled “Y.I.C. [Yeah I Changed]”, which was then followed by “Society”.  He returned in mid-2016 to release “H.I.B.F.L. [How I’ve Been Feeling Lately]”. Y.I.C. has been A.M.’s most popular project to date with over 200+ downloads and over 1k listens across various sites.
Most recently, A.M. has decided to make it a personal mission to branch outside of Baltimore, to get a better education in music business and finally do things the correct way. Rapper A.M. is looking to complete an E.P. in 2017 with a working title pending right now. A.M. is working towards getting his first few songs copyrighted and getting some air play, and also trying to get a major feature on a record this year. Always writing, Rapper A.M. is constantly working on new music, and is increasingly eager for new regional collaborations and exciting performance gigs that come his way in the near future. As of right now there are 3 projects in the works. A.M. is working on an E.P. with Doc J (Cerberus), an E.P. with J8s and an E.P. with Flynoso, all being slated for 2017.
There are a few organizations that A.M. looks forward to working with. Hear My Voice, The Baltimore Beatclub, (this includes every emcee that records at the Lineup Room studio and does the beatlclub show monthly) Strong Way radio, Indiespeaks, Massnatives, Sevensoundz, and more.

Personal profile page :

Stage Name:         Rapper A.M.

Real Name:         Ariene Miller

Date Of Birth:        10/4/88

Birthplace:         Bangor, Maine

Current Location:    Baltimore, Maryland

Ethnicity:        African American

Personal Facts:    Has a twin sister; wears glasses; loves dogs

Current Occupation:    Car Salesman

Education:        Morgan State University – Earned a B.S. in Psychology (2014)
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD  21251

Other Skills:        Songwriting, Production, Photography, & Videography

Hobbies:        Social Media, Football, Boxing, Combat Sports, & Video Games

Discography:        “Anger Management, Session 1” (2008)
“Anger Management, Session 2” (2009)
“I.M.F.L. [In My Feelings Lately]” (2014)
“Y.I.C. [Yeah I Changed]” (2015)
“Society” (2015)
“H.I.B.F.L. [How I’ve Been Feeling Lately]” (2016)

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