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My name is hunter wilson i am 30yrs of age. i was raised in chch newzealand in 1986. i was raised in a musical family. as my father mark wilson was an android. and the group they had was the  androids they got a  place on the nz charts for there song called auckland tonight. later on threw the years the band had fallen apart and split. they are all dead now to drug abuse. exept my dad he is the only living android. hes a big ispiration to me.any way I grew up around hiphop eras and adapted to all styles of rap and rnb. most inspiration would b ezy e. biggie.  eminen .imortal technique.  j coel deceptakonz david dalas scribe sid diomond .and other kiwi artists. i have been in the under ground sceen of chch nz hiphop for 8 to 10 years and in the last few years ive been leeting it out the bag. my artist name is king casatore aka king cass. i got my name because my maiden name  hunter translated in itallian is cacciatore. as we have italian history as my grand father faught in the war in the 2cnd blatoon  and  he was then captured by the germans and he escaped ther camp in world war 2. There for mc casatore was brought about hunter. cacciatore. mc name ..      .. aka king cass. i want to travel the world with my conscious positive mind set hiphop and nz australia will be my starting points to tour . I’m looking forward my album dropping this year real soon called bullets of knowlege shot by a purpose . My rap flow and style is to share storys .wisdom and express how i feel and what ive been threw in life good and bad . my music is my passion and i wana succeed where no one from nz has before .. top of the world . im al about live life .love family .good times. parties and fun.  i am now walking in the direction i wana be in life in my carrer. im just opening more doors every day and it just keeps comming. atm im looking for managers .premoter. investors and sponsors … thanks guys for taking time to do this for me yours sincerely hunter wilson aka king cass aka casatore

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