Jay Street

I started working with music age of 17 when I first learned how to make beats using the demo of Fl studios. After loosing everything when I became 18 and working to get a place at 54 cove drive I found myself making my own studio from the brick form computer screen and personally made hard drive. After two years I started trying out shows with an old friend which failed because I found I could progress more by myself. I gave up music at the age of 23 and started back at the age of 25 when I saw that I would make a better living using my talents with music. Since then I have taken time to learn and perfect who I am within my music and giving the people listening to my music who i am using my songs. Now I am pushing to build myself and my fan base and using the loss of my daughter as motivation to keep pushing in one days hope of building my life within music and showing it with my music.





instagram @I_grindsolo


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