The beautiful and sultry Monique McDonald, known as INique, was born and raised in St. Mary, Jamaica and currently resides in the United States. Her musical journey started while growing up in Jamaica in the 90’s and continued after she migrated to the US.  During that time, she took part in most, if not all the entertainment programs and extracurricular activities that her schools and church had to offer, which entailed of choruses, ensembles, and dance groups.

        In 2014 her journey however took a turn when she decided she wanted to follow her dream and the love for music, writing songs and recording. She discussed her career paths with Marcia Sinclair, a family friend, who linked her with Hopeton Lindo, a veteran in the music industry. INique was fortunate to have such a connection with icons in the business to the likes of Hopeton Lindo who introduced her to the well-known accredited Producer Richard Grant of Poorman Productions. 

        In December of 2016 she recorded her first single “Man Next Door” and was released in January of 2017. “The Man Next Door” Riddim’s Various Artist Album was released in February of 2017 and is currently on the South Florida Foundation Chart for 3 consecutive weeks. Inique’s Single which is the title track for the Riddim, is making waves and is also on the South Florida Foundation Top Singles Chart for the past 5 weeks which is currently at #2. This Single is a cover of a John Holt and The Paragons and Dennis Brown’s cover. The Single “The Man Next Door” is available on iTunes and all Major Digital Media Outlets.

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