Ill~usion was born And raised in Fresno, California. Though music he tells about events in his life & expresses his views. His main concept is to just have fun while he deals with the everyday stress and pressure he’s been impacted by his whole life.

I don’t care for fame Or fortune. I care about being listened to, Being a voice that’s never forgotten ………….. Being Influential

Inspired by many rappers, Ill~usion started making music on his own whether it be hanging out with friends going in a cypher or grinding on his own. He realized he was pretty good and wanted to try recording , So he began to learn how to write songs and record with help from some friends. He has made himself a recording studio and he writes his own music And records his own tracks. His name choice comes from battle rapping, he would love to get personal and destroy peoples images;
he also feels he’s telling his vision, his story, so the name fits his illusion of life through his eyes.

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