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G-$ANATANA is an international Hip Hop artist and Host/MC who has toured and performed in various international cities and countries, such as
⦁ Paris, France
⦁ Berlin, Germany
⦁ Zurich, Switzerland
⦁ Turin, Italy
⦁ The United Kingdom and more
G-$ANTANA is from Greensboro, North Carolina by way of Brooklyn, New York. He represents both New York and North Carolina and it is shown in his music! At the age of

only 21 he appeared on cable television, had interviews with blogs and radio stations, headlined his own shows, hosted his own showcase events for other artist, and he has been the hype man and opening act for Hip Hop Legend KRS-One since April 2016. He is also on stage with the Legend as his hype man on the 2016 “Now Hear This Tour,” which toured throughout Europe – including the Netherlands and the UK. When G-$ANTANA dropped his very first project ”G-$ANTANA” in summer 2016,

it immediately sold to his international fan base! His most recent project is his EP “SandMan The EP”. This EP happens to be Santanas first ever EP! He released it on his website gsantanamusic.bandcamp.com and has sold better both nationally and internationally than the “G-$ANTANA’ project.G-$ANTANA has collaborated with national and international artist. Two international artists he has worked with that are on the come up are Sosa and Lady Sanity. Lady Sanity herself (Birmingham, UK) has been on the rise herself within the past year! They met at a show in Leicester UK and have been working together ever since.

Santana prides himself on good music, good energy, good vibes, great food, magnificent fashion, and legalization of marijuana. He plans to operate a marijuana dispensary that will be dedicated to medical patients’ first then recreational users next. Aside from his main music website you can listen to his best singles, freestyles, and collaborations on his soundcloud (Link below). You can also check out his amazing music videos and special release singles on his YouTube (link below). G-$ANTANA is currently based in The Greater Atlanta Area in Georgia and is open for shows and hosting in The UK, Ireland, The Americas, Jamaica, and Europe! You can reach him at gdashsantana@gmail.com

“The New True School Playlist” “CDs” I have them available to ship to you from website here:
clickable links:

Official Music Website: gsantanamusic.bandcamp.com
SoundCloud: G-$ANTANA (Official G Santana Music)
Facebook Fan Page (pictures, and videos): G-$ANTANA
YouTube:(Official G Santana Music)

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