Bars Up To Heaven Remix – E.T. Feat. T-Rell


MKE Cypher- E.T. Feat. D. Rhodes, Brotha Donell, Humb1e, J Cain

My name is Eric Tyler I go by the rap artist name E.T. I am originally from Kansas City, KS  I now live in Milwaukee, WI. I make music that uplifts, motivates and inspires listeners. My music has been going viral all over the Midwest and the country over the past year in 2016. I have been rapping since the age of 17, early in my rap journey I was known on my KU college football team as the player that would spit freestyles before games and practices to get my teammates hype. I challenge myself to make music that is real and that people can rock out to while spreading Gods message.

Awards and recognition- I won 2nd place in 2016 for a Music Video Showcase that was judged by 3 Grammy Nominated DJ’s. In 2017 the Bars Up To Heaven Remix featuring T Rell is trending as a top 200 Single in the country and the song has 50,000 social media views in 2 weeks. In 2016 I sold close to 500 CDs on my independent grind while going out on street corners and sharing my music to people in need. I have also been featured for my music in Skilly magazine and Rude Boy magazine.
My Single Bars Up To Heaven (Original Song) – Has reached a broad range of people with more than 90,000 youtube views in 3 months and it is now currently featured on 414 Videospotlight.
Bars Up To Heaven Music Video


The next track is the MKE Cypher that is going viral on the internet with 45,000 Facebook views and 15,000 YouTube views in the first 6 weeks after releasing the music video. 100% of the proceeds from this song will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of the Milwaukee Chapter.

Eric Tyler (E.T.)
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter @ETMusicPage


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  1. amen brother .I work for christianhiphop.com and I enjoy your music .also being Christian rapper ,if you can please check out Christianhiphop.com and share your music .

    1. you guys are both great artist hopping u guys work together in future would be kool we can all at least share each others work

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