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was born on January 6, 1996 at Concession Hospital in Mazowe, Zimbabwe. His parents went their separate ways when he was very young. His maternal grandmother practically raised him as his mother had to work to provide for him and his older sister.

DroCole comes from a religious background, his grandmother would take him to church each time a service was being held. This is where the artistic signs began to show as he and his grandma would sing for the church together. Growing up on his mother’s side of the family, DroCole was often treated as an outsider. This led him to eventually isolate himself and made him a loner. He reflects this made him want to explore as this allowed his mind to escape the sad reality and focus on other things.

Once he learned to read, he would spend time reading old magazines. He is said to have been quite intelligent growing up. He even got several prizes for outstanding academic performances in primary school. DroCole skipped 2 classes and went on to high school but once in high school his attention turned to something else. He no longer wanted to be a doctor or a pilot or a lawyer as his family may have hoped. He had discovered his real passion. For the first time in his life he knew who he truly was and what he was meant to do and so he decided to pursue his dream.

DroCole recorded his first song using headphones with a mic. This is the very song that introduced the name DroCole to everyone in his school but the rapper would not acknowledge as he wasn’t quite sure if this is what he wanted to do following the pressure he was going through trying to balance school and the music. But once it was clear that his single mother could not afford to pay for his education, he dropped out. DroCole started taking Rap seriously in 2013. He loved how people told him he that “killed it” after listening to his music so he began saying he’s the deadly rapper and that he was obstinate since others discouraged. He has released a chain of singles, worked with a number of fellow upcoming artists and has done a bit of ghostwriting.

The rapper is currently working on a couple of projects, amongst them his debut mixtape ‘Gutta Plan,’ set to drop in 2017.

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