Chill Fresh

Dee Rhodes professionally know as Chill Fresh aka Mister CHILL the 29 yr old rapper from St.Louis MO. Has been making a name in the music biz since 2002 CHILL and a long time friend and group partner DIABLO formed a group called D.O.A.(Deadly On Arrival)They struck a independent distribution deal with W.E.A.(Warner Brothers Elektra Atlantic) they dropped a album called From Outta Nowhere it got a lot of good responses also had two videos that made it to B.E.T. but due to DIABLO getting into legal trouble that forced there deal down the toilet. Fast forward to now Chill Fresh is a solo artist with the street swag and knowledge. Back on his solo mission with subject matters tunes for the club and something for the streets so be on the lookout for CHILL FRESH

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