BiGG DeeMo

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Southern California based rapper,who a combination of lyrics,story telling and street.From.his days as a battle rapper winning championships to getting four contracts ,this rapper has seen it all done it.Started music by age six with piano ,keyboards,and various string elements,then by 9 dabbled in turntables and then actually rapping,recorded first song at 9 in las Vegas ,going thinking he was on,end results…horrible.A lesson learned that day vowed to never suck again,worked on his craft while listening to everything from prince to nirvana to oldies plus and of course hip-hip.

The mc credits is rap upbringing by what he calls his fore fathers of hip-hop,Rakim Look G Rap Big Daddy Kane, and Krs-one.
He credits his attitude toward music from becoming a super Big L fan,this NC stood out to him the most coming up.
Now signed with Bentley records,BiGG DeeMo is hell bent on spread his skill level around,write raps produces and composes beats.
Won’t you be the next to follow this Mc on a already incredible journey?!

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