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Drive-By – El Dollar ft. BullyZone

Drive By” isn’t your typical BigBob produced track.  This track is different. Why? Because this track exclusively showcases Canadian hip hop artists, El Dollar and Bullyzone respectively both from the nations capital, Ottawa. This track demonstrates producer BigBob ‘s innovative form and function is capable of head grooving, arms in the air and hips rocking. El Dollar’s provocative lyrics declare a prominent presence celebrating life’s excesses and successes.   To push the song a bit further, Bullyzone accelerates hard, displaying poetic and cunning lyrics to clarify their corresponding roles in the game.  This Canadian representation to the hip hop landscape proves to be the new classic track for the late night drive on the busy streets or the lonely interstate highway cruise.




Prince Po & Pawz1 – The Raw Essence


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Hip Hop Artist, Pawz1, fundamentally lays the groundwork and shows his role with the new track, The Raw Essence.  Going back to the root of hip hop and not getting caught in the “trap”, Pawz1 approaches with the profound broadcast that the underground is the gateway to true hip hop culture.  Poetically teaming up with Prince Po, the tracks witty lyrical flows merge with heavy sampling from ambitious music producer BigBob and gut-wrenching cuts from DJ Dcypha.  The Raw Essence vibrates with a vintage resonance that harmonically captures the golden era of true hip-hop and makes it a worthy listen for devoted hip-hop enthusiasts.

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Never be myself DC Gudda


DC Gudda returns with another smash single over a BigBob instrumental titled “Never Be Myself”.  This track brings you a glimpse of DC Gudda’s upbringing, hardships, struggle and perseverance of the D.C. ghetto.  This song is sure to take you on a trip. Buckle Up!
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Stars DC Gudda ft Wooden Souljah, St Laz & Dj Mad Handz


Brooklyn and DC equals double hardcore bars on this new single produced by BigBob one of the hardest working beat-makers in the business. UK’s Dj Madhandz laces some intense battle cuts, Wooden Souljah and DC Gudda recruit Brownsville rhyme spitter St. Laz for some assistance in telling the listeners exactlywhy these underground hitters are already considered “Stars”.
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DC Gudda returns with a hardcore, gut-wrenching EP produced by Canada’s prime hip hop producer Big Bob.  These tracks convey the inner city struggles of D.C. and her streets cursed by drugs, money and murder.  These songs tell a tale of true situations that would have the average listener succumb to the brutality of a baller’s life.  It definitely reflects the “Signs” of the times.  “The 7th Sign” depicts the truth.  Be careful where you tread in D.C……

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Take flight with inspired verses from Crown Heights NY’s own Ruste Juxx on a classic and uplifting instrumental from Producer BigBob, then kick back and let the smooth bass lines

provided by Canada’s Note Troll ease the pain in your “Broken Wings”.  Be on the look out for “The Ruste Juxx Collection” compilation entirely produced by BigBob.

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DC Gud

da retu

rns with yet another provocative smasher from “The Seventh Sign EP” titled “Nuffin Alike” on another hard-hitting instrumental by BigBob.  This song is self-explanatory.  Enjoy!

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Grand Surgeon ft Ryan Morrison Prod by Ryan Edward Morrison


Sa Ka Maow is a hip/pop song written, produced and sung by Canadian keyboardist “Ryan Morrison” of Diesel Dog. Accompanied by Will P., New York’s well known rapper. This track is a post disco/funk fused joint rolling under lyrical rap flows and afro based rhythms. It appeals to the lighter side of a girl’s heart right to her feet. Enjoy this bassy collaboration.

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Bread X – ft. Tony Gore & Dj Fastcut


Crownhieght’s King “Ruste Juxx” pairs up with “BigBob’s” hot new upcoming artist, “Tony Gore” on a classic boom bap cut fueled by infectious cuts from Italy’s “Dj Fastcut”.  “Bread X” is new off “The Rust

e Juxx Collection” that recently dropped last week.



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QU Amazen spits hooks on this late night ride through the streets of Queens NY with Big Bob at the wheel – once you get a taste you’ll “Want No More”.





1st Wonder – Jo Dancer ft. Chuck Burns


Producer BigBob drops a raw single featuring Pottersfield’s “Jo Dancer” & “Chuck Burns”.  This monstrous track sits up with the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Temple of Artemis as the “First Wonder”.

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DC Gudda returns with “FYS Vol.1”.  Flow with a “G” as he brings new light and sight to industry beats that are some of his favorite originals.  “FYS Vol.1” shows you the diversity of DC Gudda and gives you a glimpse of his life through lyric and melody.  “Dis is a good cook-up, raw n uncut!!”


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Samurai Killa


“Samurai Killa” BigBob ft Tony Gore, St. Laz, Daddie Notch, Skanks & Mic Handz

Five Warriors enter the Shaolin Temple to kneel at the altar of lyrical style and flow – Big Bob’s powerful beat serves as the dojo on this Wu-Tang inspired track, where Tony Gore, St. Laz, Daddie Notch, Skanks the Rap Martyr and Mic Handz join forces against those who would challenge them for the ultimate title of “Samurai Killa!”




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Next Chapter ft Grand Surgeon Daddie Notch & Pace Won produced BIGBOB


When it comes to heavy bass and epic sound design, Big Bob is someone you should be familiar with. After starting off right by dropping his collaboration with Grand Surgeon & Cutty Ranks the Canadian based producer goes on to throw down another impressive collaboration with the addition of Daddie Notch & Pace Won entitled “NEXT CHAPTER”. So crank up the volume for this latest posse cut. Starting off with a bright horned melody, a smooth paced beat and abrasive verses into a Hip Hop banger. Enjoy!



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Mixed at @Red_Room_Studio

Artwork by @kevinfyvie1


Walking Tall

Representing Brooklyn NY, King’s County’s very own, Brooklyn Lou leveled up with the brand new single Walking Tall. Breathy vocals and irresistible piano chords are the ingredients of success for this fundamental ladies anthem. Weaving personal stories over a moody production, this essential summer gem is a brilliant showcase of Canadian Producer BigBob’s silkiest work with Brooklyn Lou to date.



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Mixed by @Red_Room_Studio

Artwork by @kevinfyvie1

Blast Off


For immediate release: Underground hip hop artist Tony Gore invites you to explore his highly anticipated debut album “Coming for Blood Sede Vecante II” launching with his first single aptly titled “Blast Off”.

Re-emerging with a sentimental hip hop sound, Tony Gore reminds us he is an organic, intelligent lyricist making his mark. His rhymes & penetrating lyrics reinvigorate hip-hop with endorsements from Pawz One (Rising L.A Hip hop artist) and PaceWon (of the Outsidaz- Eminem’s old rhyme partner) on the track.  “Blast Off” is a display of cohesive vocal flow with satisfying aural production from highly talented music producers Bigbob & Mr. Jack and contagious cuts provided by DJ Madhandz. Reverberating with a lifting nostalgic tone, “Blast Off” represents a quintessential expression that will resonate with hip-hop enthusiasts old and young.


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Artwork by @NobeInfGang

Hip Hop Artist, Tony Gore drops the highly anticipated album “ Coming For Blood Sede Vecante II” collaborating with heavy hitting producer Bigbob.

Witty and insightful lyricism couples with an infectious blend of the old school hip hop sound that drives home the true significance and relevancy of underground hip hop culture in today’s modern age. Composed with the profound message that reminds us “Hip Hop is not dead.”  From “Cali to Canada”, Tony Gore and producer Bigbob demonstrate international cooperation to produce underground hip-hop’s essential album of the year.


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Inline image 1For immediate release: Hip Hop artist, Tony Gore calls to our attention to look in the underground to discover where the true art of hip-hop lives.  The second track off of his highly anticipated up-and-coming debut album, “Woow”, evokes the true essence of hip hop with sampling from James Brown, classic beefy cuts provided by Dcypha from Australia. Imaginative, flowing, ingenious lyrics from Tony Gore and Wooden Souljah of Pottersfield weave their expressive stories held together with raw, original beats inspired by the golden era of hip hop in the 90’s from ground breaking producer, Bigbob.  The core of “Woow” is a salute to the sound that inspired, Tony Gore’s passion for hip-hop, and a reinvigorating anthem to his focused course in the game.


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Moicano ft. DJ MadHandz – Haterz Des … ed by BigBob, Mastered by MrJack


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Italian hip-hop artist, Moicano MC executes other MC’s with his intense lyrical deliverance of his new track, Haterz Destroyerz.  Collaborating internationally with visionary producer Bigbob, Moicano MC’s freestyle flow, connects with the classic motif sound of the golden era of hip-hop.  Quintessential sampling and cuts by DJ Madhandz, supports the rhythmic lyrical balance, studiously articulating his role in destroying haters in the game.  Creating his own space in the real hip-hop underground, Moicano MC is as an artist eclipsing the boundaries and barriers of language and reuniting hip hop across all borders as one culture.

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Inline image 1For immediate release: Queensbridge legend Rap P & BlackADon come together to deliver to the underground hip hop landscape the brand new track “Respect the Real”. This contemporary anthem is reminiscent of a time when hip-hop was genuine, raw and authentic.  Poetic and dramatic lyrics decorate the avante garde production of visionary producer Bigbob.  Classic, nostalgic piano sampling, melodic beats and devoted, gratifying verses intertwine and facilitates for a satisfying listen.   “Respect the Real” is BlackaDon & Rap P’s affirmation to honor the essence of the true art of hip-hop.


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Inline image 2Underground hip-hop artist, Tony Gore gets sentimental on his single Boom Bap, the latest track off of his recently released album Coming for Blood Sede Vecante II, showcasing his tight grip on the mic as a talented raw MC.  Pairing up with Brooklyn hip hop legend Grand Surgeon, Boom Bap feels futuristic while paying homage to the simple nostalgic drum and snare beat, layered with timeless samples giving it an original Boom Bap feel from the golden era.  Tony Gore teams up with visionary producer BigBob to help us rediscover real hip hop lives in the underground with their fresh delivery of authentic music that represents and expresses the unprocessed message of hip hop.

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